An introvert by choice, extrovert by nature. Selective and loves Indian Cinema, as they want to show it that way. Postgrad obtained but looking for a job and scholarship with low GPA. Anything could happen in here. Full of thoughts or stories, most likely by surroundings.


Mostly nonsensical, but hey, just keep reading. Help me to buy Macbook Pro.

iphone x

what iphone x shot 

Near Kampar, Riau

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Random and still strugling
about me

Movie Enthusiast. 



Looking for a Job, currently.


I have various skill which is quite match for this industry, as we speak, information industry. I could help you to do research and make it to strategic planning for your business. I could assess in terms of governance, risk and compliance in general basis.
Learning is one of my favourite activity, because it is always amaze me to acquired some new knowledge. As we speak right now, I am quite confident talking in English and Hindi/Urdu, want to try to learn another language, French and Pashto are my priorities right now.
I am quite handful to multi-cultural company/organisation. Currently finished my internship in United Nations Development Programme which brought me to a new level of game. I know how operational works, could handle paperworks and most importantly, it is aligned with my knowledge which is not a luck for everyone.
My specialities: Strategic Planning, Digital Marketing, Knowledge Management
My character: Willing to Learn More, A Good Listener, Partially Independent.

Very good and humble people, willing to learn and love research, not limited to field research and desk research. I am attracted to several major things, such as movies and its culture, politics and social, 2030 Agenda of SDGs and humanity. If there’s a match, please don’t hesitate to connect to me, I don’t mind relocating anywhere around the globe, South East Asia preferred.

annisa safanta